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Main Game Page

As you can see, the Main Game Page has a lot of options for you to choose from, and we will cover them all over the next several pages. The interface is very intuitive as you mouse over an item the blue bar on the bottom right will tell you what it is. From here you can:

Look at fighters, groups, divisions, venues, etc on the lockers. On the bulletin board you can click on game options, look at game credits, update from pool (This is strongly recommended at the very start of the universe, so you have all the latest fighters and ratings), look at game stats, and most importantly save game. The posters allow you to set up a fight card or tournament, as well as edit your ring card girls. The towel is for the Head to Head game, which is a betting game you can play with friends. Start Fight will allow you to choose two fighters of your liking to dive right in. And Main Menu will take you back to the Home Screen.

For now let's click on Start Fight!