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Using the auto-scheduler is fairly simple to do. From the General tab you can choose how many fights, up to 999 fights. You can choose fighters that are only active in a particular year, set the year to fight, and month as well. If you leave those fields blank then it will be totally random. You can choose the gender or combine divisions as well if you so choose. Now click on the “Red Corner” tab.

From here you can hand choose certain fighters to go in the schedule if you wish. On the left you have options for Group, Era, Divisions, Nations, Rank and/or Rating, amount of bouts having fought, days inactive, style, right or left handed fighters. On the right you can choose Career Stage, Condition of the fighter, His/Her trainer and cutman, as well as designating Hometown Favorite or Defending Champion. The Blue Corner tab is set up the same, and on both you have the option of copying the settings from the other corner. Next is the Options tab.

From the Options tab you can set the rules of the fights you are scheduling. Also Venue, Announcer, Ring Card Girl, Judges & Referee. Choose the number of rounds, how long, if you are going to control the strategies, or if the computer will, check for injuries and/or adjust for weight. Judges bias as well. Once you have set these options, click schedule. With this setting I also set columns on the next screen to allow you to view fights that interest you.

Tip: With the auto-scheduler, if you are setting up a universe, you can set up a group called “Tomato Cans” (usually 0-1 ratings) and choose different groups. The nice thing about this is you can start building records for your better fighters by setting the TC group on one corner and your fighters you're building in the other. You can also set it up for say, 25 fights 4 rounds, then set another 25 for 6 rounds for instance. This allows you to stagger fights, as unless you use clear fights in the edit menu, the fights stay until you complete the schedule. You can also sim 999 fights in less than 5 minutes, and see the results of every fight in the browser afterward.

Tip: If you find that the options on the Red and/or Blue Corner are greyed out and inaccessible, it is most likely because you have a specific fighter selected for that corner. You can clear the fighter selection by following these steps:

  • Click on the selected fighter and you will be taken to the fighters list with the fighter's row highlighted.
  • De-select the highlighted row by clicking on it and the button in the botttom right of the window should change to say "none".
  • Click on the "none" button in the botttom right of the window and you are returned to the autoschedular with your fighter selection cleared.