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Fight Options

From here you can choose your date, set the rules by organization, or your own custom rules, You can also decide to be the corner-man for a fighter by deselecting Automatic Strategy. You can also choose the Venue, Announcer, Referee, Ring Card Girl, and Judges. Only click Adjust for Weight if your fighters are in different weight classes and wish to do so. Also, you'll note Judges Bias. Each judge is rated based on how they have judged fights during their careers. Each referee is rated as well.

For this fight we will leave Venue and Staff at random, while using WBA rules and allowing the computer to handle the strategies for both fighters. The Analysis page gives a brief description of the fight, while the training page allows for you to train your fighter if you choose in whatever area you feel they need the work for the fight at hand.

We will click Fight from here.