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The Referee Screen works the same as the Ring Card Girl Screen, including the protocol to add photos of the different referees if you so choose. A good resource for referee photos is www.boxrec.com.

To Create a referee do the following:

From the Judges Menu click Edit then New. Enter the first, last and nickname if needed, then choose nationality. Era is either Active or Retired. The bias menu pretty much speaks for itself, however the last two on the menu are not valid until the RPG aspect is added in with TBCB 2014.

Scores - Scores are based on how the judge scores close rounds. I will use Silvestre Abainza as the example as he is the first judge in the database. He gives the round to the higher scorer 63% of the time in close rounds, 8% of the time he will give an even score and 29% of the time he will be more impressed with the lower scored fighter.