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Create Game

When you see this screen, you can name your game, decide if it will be in Simulation Mode or not, Add in your choice of active or retired fighters, or both at your pleasure. The Select button will allow you to pick and choose all fighters, only men, only women, then check or uncheck the weight classes you wish to add. The Career Start option allows you to set a range (in years) of fighters you want for your universe database. Example: You wish to run a universe of fighters from 1940 to 1960 only.

Once done setting up your basic game universe, click the OK button and we will go to the Universe you have created. If you have an existing Universe from Title Bout 2.5, you may chose to import that universe at this time. You will want to name it the same as the 2.5 Universe as well.

Please be patient, it will take some time to create your new Universe.