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From the main menu click on options then make sure you're on the General tab. Here is where you will set various basic options, such as skin (There is a skinning tutorial available from Paul Norman on the www.pisd.co.uk website.), when to use the scrollbar, Language (English and Spanish are currently supported, however the commentary is in english for both.), Currency for your head to head game. Full Screen is supported in 1024x768 only at this time, your monitor & graphics card must be able to support this resolution. You also have the option to show or not show points during a fight, set the sound and animations as you so choose.

Here you can easily tell if you have the latest data for the game. As you can see in this screenshot there are updates available. You can choose Update, which will update only the items shown as available, while Update All will try to update the entire database. The latter option takes quite a bit of time, and I would not recommend it unless you need to repair a corrupted data base.

With Game Options you can set ranking rules, Game year offset (Example: -50 will set your game year to 1963), and Fighter Aging options. The defaults will give a fighter from 45 to 95 fights if you use auto aging during their career. You can also reset the fighters and their history if you start a universe but decide to restart for some reason. CS Adj Will set the career stage of the fighters based on the number of fights they've had using the auto aging, once you activate it.