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This is where it all happens. You can create new fighters by hand, use the Random Fight Generator to create masses of fighters within whatever parameter you wish and much more. Let's take a look at Sugar Ray Robinson for our examples.

As you can see, there's a lot in the Fighter Details section. You can edit a fighters name, nationality, gender, date of birth or death, Birth City or country, set the hometown, Reach, Height, Weight range, & Career Start and End. You can also add or remove them from different groups you have set up. If running a tourney for instance you may wish to unlink the fighter from the data pool and disable auto-aging. That way the fighters stay at their prime for the entirety of the tournament. On the next page we'll look at Biographies.

Each fighter has a biography already provided. However, you may wish for more details about a particular fighter on your data base, so the game is set up so you can edit your biographical data as you see fit.

Here is where you can hand create, or tweak fighter ratings. Some ratings are better the higher they are, while others are better the lower they are. Feel free to experiment by changing ratings on a fighter, then use calculate to better understand how they will effect your fighter. Don't save these experimental changes unless you really want them however.

The only thing on the Fighter Statistics page that can be edited is the Fighter Record. This allows you to use real to life records prior to starting your game universe.