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Game Credits

Design and Programming: Paul Norman & Andreas Raht

Artwork: Aurelio Barrios

Special Thanks: Marcus Heinsohn & Marc Vaughan

Data Base & Research: Mark A Jones (Ice Tea) & James Davern (Jackyle)

Beta Testers:

Ballagoal, Bear, Boxscribe, Chris Conn, gocubsgo, Ian Lord, Infinity, Jackyle, Jason Wood, Javier 83, jofre, kosh naranek, Lee, Maxx, Owen, Ranger11jp, Rick 915, Rob Morris, Rocco Del Sesto, Scoman, ShaunGBD, Tiger Fan

Special Inspirational Thanks:

Jim & Tom Trunzo for the origional Board Game Title Bout published by Avalon Hill

Manual Credits

Written and edited by: John “Infinity” Fehner

Special thanks to Antonin for clarifying the protocol for adding photo's of Ring Card Girls and other pictures.