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Ever since the first beta build there have been four hidden cookies or easter eggs in the game. While developing the game a few new ideas were tried that did not work as well as intended. Rather than delete the work these features were turned off by default. You can turn them back on by using the hidden controls below:

NumWhat does it do?How is it activated?Found by
1Text to speech on commentry
(Linux Only)
Type "say" during a fightSpeck
2Black and White fightsType "old" during a fightjavier 83
3Fighters Moving around ringType "move" during a fightMark42661
4Linux Mascot RCGType "tux" during a fightMark42661

NOTE: one of the cookies is Linux only, the others work on all systems. This is purely because it seemed foolish to waste any more development time making the feature work on all systems when it did not work well enough to be included in the released game.

You can see the cookies in action here...