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Fight Screen

This is where the action happens. From here you can watch the fight unfold. Each fighter's traits (shown), Stats (round and fight totals), condition (cuts, swelling, etc) and Corner (for those that wish to control the strategies) can be accessed. As you can see, our pugilists have distinctive ratings that show you how they hold up in various ways. In the center is our ring, where we can see the fighters in action, and below the ring is the commentary section. You can control the speed of the fight, line by line with the “next commentary” button, Play Round or Play bout. Tables will allow you to take a closer look at the fighters ratings, corner-men, judges etc. while finish will fast forward through the fight to the end at any point during the fight. The beauty of TBCB2013 is that if you do click “finish” you can still see the results on a blow by blow basis through your HTML browser.